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1. When should I take Behind-The-Wheel driving lessons?

Completion of driver training is required by law before you take your drive test. The six hours is divided into three lessons of two hours each. The first two hour lesson should be taken right away in order to validate your permit. It is legally required that you take your first two hour driving lesson with a driving school before you drive with a parental gaurdian. We recommend you take your second two hour lesson within a month or two months of the first lesson so the instructor can help refine and reinforce your skills. We recommend the last two hour lesson be taken about a week before your drive test. A student is eligible to take a drive test after he has had a valid permit for at least six months, although your permit is good for an entire year. You may want to wait until closer to a full year so that your teenager has more time to gain experience in heavy congested traffic. The student should have lots of freeway driving experience and should be able to handle complex driving situations without help. Additionally, parents may feel a teenager needs a higher level of maturity, sometimes even renewing the permit for another year.

Another way to take the driving lessons is for a student to take two or even all three of the lessons in a row in order to better prepare the teenager to drive with a parental gaurdian. Another option is to schedule just one lesson and see how your teenager does driving with you. Then decide how to schedule the rest of your teen’s lessons. Perhaps the teenager is doing above average and you want to wait a little for the next lesson. Perhaps your teen doesn't have the control you want or you simply don't feel comfortable with the student’s skill level. If this is the case, schedule another lesson right away. Many of our families take extra lessons.

2. What is the best procedure for driving with a parental gaurdian for the first time?

A new driver should NOT drive away from the DMV office. Take your first two hour behind the wheel lesson from a driving school before driving with yout permit. Then have a parental guardian take you to a quiet resdential area or to a parking lot with no light poles. First get used to the entire instrument panel. Then turn the steering wheel while in park and lightly touch the pedals. Adjust and readjust the seat and rearview and side mirrors again and again until you have them correct. Move the car very slowly. Don't try traffic until you have mastered turns and parking along side the curb. Your parental gaurdian may schedule another driving lesson or even complete all six hours if they feel uncomfortable with your level of control.

3. How do I get a learner's permit? What do I bring with me to DMV?

Click on "Get Permit" drop down tab.

4. Is an appointment for the written test required by DMV?

Yes, DMV does not accept walk ins for the written test, at this time

5. How do I make an appointment for the written test to get my learner's permit so I get taken care faster once I am there?

Click on Office Visit and Driver's License Application

Or call DMV at 800-777-0133

6. Is an appointment for a drive test required by DMV?

Yes, drive tests are done by appointment only

7. How do I make an appointment for a drive test to get my license?

Schedule drive tests at the DMV web site is the easiest

Or call DMV at 800-777-0133

8. What course do I take first, Driver Ed or Driver Training?

Driver's Education is step one, either online or live classroom

9. May I download the DMV Permit/Driver's License Application Form DL 44 from the DMV Web site?

No, almost any form can be downloaded from the DMV Web site except the DL 44! You will need to pick it up at a DMV office. Have the DMV mail the form to you or get one from the Bakker's Driving School office. If your choose to do Drivers ed with Bakker, we always mail the DL 44 form with each certificate of completion when you use Bakkers Driving School Online Driver's Ed.

See this DMV link for more information:

10. May I take the the DMV written test online?

No. You will have to go to a DMV field office to take the written test.

11. I just finished online Driver's Ed with Bakkers Driving School How long will it take to get my completion certificate?

Bakkers Driving School will view your completion status in our database and mail your certificate the same business day you finish.

12. I just finished online Driver's Ed with another school. How long will it take to get my completion certificate?

The time varies from one school to another, but it can take from one to two days up to a week.

13. I don't have my permit yet. May I still take my driving lesson?

Yes. The teachers at Bakkers Driving School can teach with a student license your instructor will provide you.

14. I left my permit in my mom's car, may I still take a driving lesson?

Yes. The teachers at Bakkers Driving School can teach you with a student license. Your driving instructor is authorized to provide a student license for you. This can be done on the spot before the driving lesson.

15. I lost my permit. What should I take to DMV to get a duplicate permit?

  • Try and find your permit number to make it easier for the DMV.
  • You will need the DMV application DL 44 signed by both parents.
  • A birth certificate or other valid ID acceptable to DMV.
  • (DMV will NOT accept a xerox copy of a birth certificate)
  • (DMV will NOT accept a High School ID card)
  • $33, this fee is sometimes waved for the 1st duplicate


16. How soon after I pass the written test do I get my learner's permit?

If you pass the written test DMV will issue your learner's permit immediately.

17. How soon after I pass the drive test do I get my actual driver's license?

If you pass the drive test, DMV will issue you a temporary driver's license immediately.

You will receive your hard copy license within 3-5 weeks.

18. How long have your teachers been teaching driving lessons?

We have teachers with a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. We have teachers that have just finished our training program and many teachers who have taught for for over ten years. Some of our most requested instructors are not always the veterans. Please make a request for any teacher you would like to have.

19. Do you do background checks for teachers to get hired at your school?

Yes. State law requires a background check just like a school teacher at public schools. DMV conducts these background checks before issuing a driving instructor's license to any person. We have strict hiring requirements for our teachers. The driving instructors at Bakker must also be patient, gentle and must believe whole heartedly in their students.

20. How long has your school been in business?

Bakkers Driving School was founded in 1990 by police officer, Walter Bakker.

21. Who may ride along in the family car when I have my learner's permit?

Anyone as long as you have a parent with you.

22. What passengers are permitted to be in my car when I first have my driver's license?

No one under 20 years of age for the first 12 months. However, a brother or sister with a note from a parent is permitted.

23. Does the law permit my teenager to drive a carpool with friends to school?

No. Not for the first 12 months.

24. What happens if we get pulled over by the police with friends in the car?

The driver receives a traffic ticket and in som cases the judge may choose to suspend the teenager's driver's license depending on the circumstances. Statistically, this law has proven to be the most effective law recently passed to reduce the number of deaths of young drivers. For the law to adequately protect teenagers it takes the cooperation of teenagers, parents and the police to enforce it.

25. What is a Provisional License?

All young people are given a Provisional License until they are 18 years old. Provisional means that the license may be cancelled by a parent for any reason. Provisional also means that the DMV and the courts are given the authority to restrict or take the provisional license away when certain rules are violated by the teenager. This may include too many tickets with a far stricter limitation than adults. A Provisional License automatically becomes a full adult driver's license when the young person turns 18 years old.

26. Is my teenager covered on the family insurance policy while he has a learner's permit?

Insurance companies have changed their policies over the last few years. Nearly all auto insurance companies (with a few exceptions) require the teenager to be added to the policy or the insurance company will NOT cover a claim.


What is the address and directions to your office?

  • From the Inland area take the Rancho Penasquitos Poway Road exit off Interstate 15. We are located behind McDonald's on the southwest side of the freeway next to the freeway onramp.
  • From the coastal area take Interstate 5 to the 56 freeway East. Exit Rancho Penasquitos Blvd then go right. A half mile down on the right you will see a McDonald's. We are in the shopping Mall directly behind McDonald's. Our classroom/office is located at 12798 Rancho Penasquitos Blvd., Suite # H ~ San Diego, CA 92129.


Questions About Driving Lessons


1. I am so nervous....I have never driven before.

It is natural to be nervous the first time you drive a car. Take deep breaths and know that you are in safe hands with your driving instructor. Driving Instructors are used to dealing with nervous students. It is their job to teach new drivers, they are gentle, careful and take the first lesson slow and at the students individual rate.

2. What times are driving lessons offered?

Seven days a weeks from 7 am to 10 pm, exact times depend on each instructors work hours and times not yet booked. Please check each instructors availability online or give us a call.

3. Where do I meet for the driving lessons?

Pick up for the driving lesson is at your home unless you inform us in advance of a different pick up address in the same zip code.

4. Does the training car I drive in have insurance?

Yes. Our teachers have a special Driver Training Auto Insurance Policy.

5. Does the training car I drive in have dual controls?

The training cars have an Instructor's brake on the passenger side for the instructor and an instructor's mirror.

6. Who may ride along in the training car during a driving lesson?

The teacher and the student. No one else is permitted in the car for saftey reasons.

7. Do you offer stick shift driving lessons?

No. Not as this time. All training cars are automatic.

8. Whose car will I be driving during the driving lesson?

Bakkers Driving School provides the training car.

9. Is a school car available for the drive test?

Yes. There is an additional $99 charge and must be accompanied by a two hour lesson. The teenager can use the last two hours of his six hour certificate for this.

10. What do we learn on the first driving lesson?

We introduce basic control techniques for the student, including turns, parking alongside the curb, proper use of space, vision skills, speed control and in some cases if the student is ready, lane changes in light traffic and an introduction to defensive driving skills. The teacher expects that the student has never driven before. The teacher's job is to be patient, gentle and competent.

11. What do we learn on the second driving lesson?

Turns and lane changes in traffic, an introduction to the DMV drive test material, freeway skills if the student is ready and chooses to do so and intermediate defensive driving skills.

12. What do we learn on the third driving lesson?

Advanced defensive driving skills, refine vision and space cushion skills, advanced eye habits. We will prepare the student for the DMV drive test and provide a dry run practice test.

13. May I request a female teacher or a teacher by name?

Yes, if one is available in your area. These kinds of requests are common. We try and accommodate our student's families in anyway we can. See how hard Bakkers Driving School can work for you.