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Anjanae Coughlin - Driving Instructor

It'll be a little scary but a lot of fun. It's like learning how to do anything else, Practice makes perfect. With some confidence and guidance from me, you will be on your way to becoming a great driver!
A little about me. I've lived in San Diego my entire life. My husband and I recently rescued our dog Huey(named after the helicopter) and he's been a great addition to the family. We love being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.


Araceli Torres - Driving Instructor

I remember my first driving lesson how nervous and excited I was at the same time!
It takes a patient and nurturing guide to help you achieve driving success. I know what a student is thinking and feeling and can offer supportive teaching and effective communication.
I am originally from Boston,MA but have been living out here now for 12 years and I love it! I have a  6 year old daughter and a Sassy but clever Siamese kitten called "Gingi". I reside in North County, I love Photography,Reading and I am bilingual. 
I am patient and understanding with all of my students and I'm passionate about developing safe drivers.

Austin Carpenter - Driving Instructor


Everybody learns at their own pace. I believe that safe and defensive driving is a must; safety is always the number one priority. The student’s learning pace is the pace that I teach at. This way the student is more comfortable and is learning the skills needed to become a successful driver!

Born and raised in Poway, CA. I have been driving since I was 16. I’m very down to earth, patient and easy to get along with. My true passions are video games (mainly computer games), and sports. I am also a HUGE movie fan. My favorites are the Star Wars trilogy and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I also love horror, comedy and adventure movies. I would have to say the Lord of the Rings is my favorite overall, but it is very close.


Bethany Jackson - Driving Instructor

Nervous about getting behind the wheel? You aren't the first! It can be daunting to take on new adventures, but my goal is to help you gain the skills and confidence necessary to conquer the roadway!
I am an artist, a musician, a songwriter, and a geek with a passion for costumes, tea, and refrigerator magnets. I believe that life is short and you have to make the most of it. And part of that is making it last as long as you can! Being a responsible driver will greatly increase your chances of a long and exciting life!


Bob Tonthat - Driving Instructor

ProfileStudents find me to be their favorite instructor because I am easy to get along with. In my many years of teaching, I have heard so many stories from my students about driving instructors that lose their temper or yell at their students. I cannot understand why anyone would want to be mean to an inexperienced driver. I can tell you that teenagers like teachers who are patient and explain instruction in a clear and simple manner. I just love traffic safety. I enjoy teaching students about the laws and rules of driving. I want my students to understand traffic safety. And I know the best way to do that is to be relaxed and easy going. The office tells me I am requested so much because of my precise careful teaching in an easygoing style.



Crystal Stalls - Driving Instructor
I am extremely patient and easygoing.  I understand how to work with different students’ abilities and teach them how to become safe and excellent drivers.  
I love to teach.  My background includes substitute teaching in the San Diego and North County School Districts.  Having a calm and even nature really helps when relating to students in helping them gain confidence with their driving skills.  Originally from New York, I became accustomed to driving in all kinds of conditions.  I now appreciate the California Highways and roads as opposed to New York streets.  I love spending time with my family at the beach and hiking Torrey Pines State Park.



Farrah Beattie - Driving Instructor

ProfileThere's a mix of scary and excited feelings when you first drive a car.  Scary because it seems big, and you know it weighs at least a thousand pounds.  Exciting, because of the freedoms and efficiency that come with having your license.  I understand these feelings, because I had to go through them twice: first for learning a car, and second for learning a motorcycle.  The scary feelings don't last very long, while the excited feelings last as long as you enjoy driving - no matter what/where/with whom you drive!  I am an observant and accommodating instructor.  Whatever pace you learn at, I will follow along patiently.  I will still cover the basics so that you may better prepare for the DMV road test.  I am a physics major in college and have driven over 205,000 miles.  Being safe on the road is so extremely important, and I promise to do my best to guide you toward being a good driver.

Joseph Robert Jones - Driving Instructor

ProfileBesides being a driving instructor I'm also a college professor. I've taught at local colleges in the area for a number of years. Most of my students are just beginning college. So I'm quite used to working with younger people. I understand the anxiety they can sometimes experience when facing new challenges. My teaching style is fairly informal and I have fun with it. But at the same time I manage to encourage them to excel.

When I happened upon this job as a driving instructor I felt it would be something I'd be suited for given my teaching experience and rather relaxed temperament. It has worked out great. I enjoy working with the students and find it extremely satisfying to know I'm helping them become safe competent drivers. I've actually done a great deal of driving, including seven years transporting the elderly in wheelchair lift vans while going to college myself. So I feel there's a lot I can impart to new drivers based on that experience that will keep them safe.

Lupe Pinedo - Driving Instructor

ProfileI grew up in San Diego, CA. I am married, have three kids, and three grand kids. My family loves my gentleness and patience. I know that when I teach this is what teenagers appreciate most. We are all very close and do things together as often as we can. I love cooking delicious food, arts/crafts, reading, walking at the beach and pier, going to the local farmers market located at the beachfront, funny movies, helping people of all ages, and teaching a variety of things. I am patient, kind, considerate of others, and easy to talk to. If you value a gentle patient instructor it would be an honor to be your instructor. Other driving schools do not understand that when your are gentle and soft your student learns more. But it is natural for me.

Mike Acasio - Driving Instructor

ProfileDriving for the first time is one of the special events in your life you’ll always remember. Imagine driving yourself to school, to your friend’s house, the movies or running errands for your parents. But, before you can drive, you need to pass your driving test. I would like to help you reach that goal, not just passing your driver’s test and getting your license, but to help you learn to drive safely. Respecting the rules of the road and other drivers will make your driving experience safe and successful. Everywhere Mike works, he is recommended to friends and neighbors. He has developed a reputation for having a gentle, soft teaching style. Very professional.

Sam Viau - Driving Instructor


Sean Ruffner - Office


Sarah Cervantes - Office